Kowalski Mini XR Dive Light with UV mode


The MINI XR is a perfect companion for all projects, missions and assignments – Fantastic UV function for night dives




The modular Powerpack MINI XR impresses with an unexpected luminosity of up to 2300 lumens with a running time of up to 5.7 hours under medium load. 4-fold intensity mode.
Color temperature approx. 6500K “Cold White” – the working animal for superb illumination, contrast, powerful with switchable: UV-A light for spectacular fluorescent recordings or application tactical challenges.
Spot and flood – flowing with barely perceptible formation of corons – no dark centers!
State-of-the-art high-performance Li-Ion energy sources and LED technology, protected by the ergonomic high-performance aluminum housing on aviation standards and weapon technology.
“Diamond-Grade-Hard-Anodized-Finish” – seawater-resistant, to ensure long-term quality even under the most demanding conditions.

Tough, Realiable – Approven!

Equipped with a convincing safety system – restpower warning by gentle pulsing of the light beam, SOS function and rescue strobe, as well as an automatic safety dimming function on 15 lumens with gigantic remaining time for the case
The MINI XR – combines all the advantages of a perfect diving / deployment and rescue light with unimagined modularity.
On the one hand a leading, balanced hand light – then again by the adaptive TANK EXTENSION a convincing tank system.
With a variety of accessories – Wrist Strap: The alternative to the “Goodman Handle”, WindowCrashher, Tank-Holster, Mounts and various Power-Sources,
Design, usability and technology, which not only convinces professionals – such as SEKM, police, rescue services, archaeologists, researchers and photographers – but stands clearly for safety! In keeping with the Kowalski tradition!

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