Dive Lights

    • Tovatec Zoom Dive Light


      This dive light has the ability to actually Transform from a traditional handheld primary dive light into a 140 degree video light! Dive equipment Thailand can offer the option of Try Before You Buy at the Jomtien Pattaya branch.


    • Tovatec Fusion 530 Dive Torch


      The Fusion 530 Dive torch is a great primary or backup light. It can also be used as video light. Available to test and buy in the shop the Jomtien Pattaya.



      The Search Light is now rated at a powerful 800 lumens with a narrow 8° focused beam. This light is great for several aspects of technical diving including wreck and extended range where you need a tight but powerful beam. If you would like to test the torch before you buy then come into the Jomtien Pattaya shop and  take a look.



      The PICO XR is just part of the range. Get all the benefits of this light with its simple exchange from spot to flood by changing the appearance of the light head.The PICO XR is an all-rounder and has outstanding quality and technology.

    • Kowalski Nano XR Dive Torch


      The Nano Dive torch packs a punch for its size. It can be used as a handheld or mask torch. Great for video and photography.

    • Kowalski Mini XR Dive Light with UV mode


      The MINI XR is a perfect companion for all projects, missions and assignments – Fantastic UV function for night dives



      The Compact is one of the most popular, rugged, and economical lights for sale. Divers world wide have praised this light for its continued reliability. A great torch as a primary or backup. Great for coral, night or wreck diving. Available for rent or sale at Jomtien Pattaya.