Dive Equipment in Thailand

We are the largest and best stocked dive equipment shop in Jomtien beach in Pattaya.  We have a wide selection of scuba diving equipment from major International Brands right here in Thailand for sale and there’s always some cheap deals happening in store and online.

If you’re not sure which make or model of diving mask, BCD or regulators you should buy, get some help from our team of certified Diving Instructors and Dive Technicians based in the Jomtien office.  We are available to answer your questions and assist with your dive equipment selection and offer a unique Try Before You Buy option . You will find dive gear from leading manufacturers such as Apeks, Scubapro, Aqualung, Suunto, Shearwater, Kowalski torches, Poseidon and many more.

If you’re looking for cheap or sale deals on dive equipment, we have it here, along with our higher end items. Our dive equipment is for beginners, professionals and the occasional diver! We also stock snorkeling equipment.

Special prices on request for Thailand dive shops and dive professionals.

Dive Computers
blue i100 dive computerblue i100 dive computer
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Aqualung i770 R

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i200C Dive Computer Aqualung

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Suunto Zoop Dive Computer

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Best Selling Dive Equipment in Thailand

  • Suunto Zoop Dive Computer



    Whether you’re just starting out on your diving journey or looking to explore new underwater adventures, Suunto Zoop Novo has everything you need. With your easy to understand key dive data available at a glance on the big, super-bright backlit display, all you need to do is suit up, dive down, and enjoy the view. This simple to use dive computer includes full decompression capabilities, five dive modes (Air, Nitrox, Gauge, Free and Off) and straight-forward, menu-based Suunto user interface. Dive equipment Thailand can offer the option of Try Before You Buy at the Jomtien Pattaya branch.

  • Aqualung i300 dive computer


    The i300’s uncomplicated, effortless approach and rugged design defines its place in the dive world.

  • i750TC Dive Computer


    The most technology-savvy diver will appreciate the i750TC’s advanced features such as its OLED color screen and Bluetooth Smart capability, while every diver will appreciate its simplicity and compactness of design.

  • Aqualung Dimention BCD


    The Dimension is a back inflation style BC with Standard inflation system that incorporates Aqua Lung’s integrated Wrapture™ Harness System




  • Aqualung Mikron Regulator


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  • Aqualung Lotus BCD


    The Lotus is a back inflation style BC designed specifically for women and incorporates Aqua Lung’s integrated Wrapture™ Harness System

  • Apeks RK3 Fins


    Designed in collaboration with the US military and renowned for outstanding performance and reliability, the Apeks RK3 is a rugged thermoplastic rubber fin featuring an over-sized foot pocket to accommodate drysuit boots and a spring strap for easy donning and doffing.

    The RK3 is available in three sizes: Medium, Large and Super.

    We didn’t give the RK3 fin a shoe size range as this can be very misleading.

    The environment that an RK3 is used in will tend to dictate the size of fin that you need, for example do you dive in a warm environment wearing wetsuit boots, or are you walking across pebbled beaches and wearing a drysuit and rigid dry boots? Both forms of footwear may be a size 9, but will take up different amounts of space in the fin foot pocket.

    Therefore, we recommend that you visit your local dive store, Mermaids Dive Center Jomtien Pattaya and try the fins on with your own footwear, just to ensure that you’re getting the right fit for your style of diving. These fins are also available on our Try Before You Buy selection.

  • Apeks Spools


    Inspired by technical diving and versatile enough to be used in a range of diving applications, the new Life Line spool from Apeks features easy to grip flared sides to improve deployment and winding. Made from tough anodized aluminium alloy with high visibility line for low light conditions and with a super tough leader and swivel as standard, the Lifeline comes in three sizes and colors and is complemented by a range of line markers and cookies.

    Available three sizes –  Purple 15 meters, Green 30 meters and Blue 45 meters.

  • Aqualung Shot FX – Twilight Fins


    The X Shot and Shot FX fins are high-performance fins that incorporate new technologies and the latest materials. They take the best concepts of the SlingShot and HotShot fins and improve upon them.



    If you need a workhorse in your dive kit, look no further than the new range of dry bags from Apeks. Tough, rugged and designed to haul equipment, the dry bags feature waterproof welded seams to ensure water doesn’t get in – or out. Ideal for stashing wet kit post-dive or keeping personal possessions dry during a dive, you’ll find the bags are at home in the wettest, harshest conditions around.

    The DRY75 is a workhorse of a dive bag that will easily carry all of your personal dive gear plus extra clothes.

    The bag has 75 litres of carrying capacity and sports a removable drycore to keep your wet gear away from your dry gear.

    The main bag features a drain so you can rinse your equipment on the go and a splash proof top flap so you don’t have to unroll your pack every time you need your passport.

    If this bag isn’t big enough, there are four easy attachment points for the Apeks 12 liter Dry bag